5 minutes of rage, your immune system is reduced for 5 hours

5 minutes of rage, your immune system is reduced for 5 hours

Did you know that just 5 minutes of rage means that your immune system is reduced for up to 5 hours?

Think back to that last bout of sickness, cough or cold…what were you doing and how were you treating your mind and body just before that?

Here are some really simple ideas for building up your immune system and managing your rage moments!

Stretch and Breathe deeply, at every opportunity.
If you have a sedentary lifestyle or job involving a lot of office work or sitting down, it is even more important that every hour, you MOVE! Set the timer on your phone to remind you to move, or better still, get an Activ
ity band that will tickle you to remind you to move.

Step out of your mind for just a moment and notice what is happening. Have you noticed that you have a little inner voice that is sometimes pushing you to complain and moan about life? When you notice it, you can notice what its saying and what mood it is in: you can then choose to ignore it! Move towards enjoyment. Practising gratitude is proven to build up your immune system and even better, practising gratitude by recording it in a really nice new journal every day, (and if it doesn’t, you’ll have passed the time in a much nicer way!)

Change your attitude!
Think about this question for a minute: Are you usually expecting and relying on other people to change, for you to actually be happy? If the answer is ‘yes’, and so often it is, what are the real chances of you being happy? Go on, change your own attitude instead; live your life, your way, but without all the rage.

Sally is the Founder of LifeBuddy. She is an Organisational Development consultant and is a Practitioner with the Association for Business Psychology.