Strengthening our emotional health. More about CBT therapy

Strengthening our emotional health. More about CBT therapy.

By Karen Harris.

In order for life to be happier, more meaningful and to create a life for ourselves that we were meant to live, we need to be able to step back, take stock and figure out what is going on in your life. Cognitive Behavioural therapy or CBT is a helpful way to support those who wish to improve their mental and emotional health.

A CBT therapist will help explore current problems, issues, and the goals wanted from the therapy: what we would like to change or improve. As part of the exploration, the therapist will also try and help understand the key and core beliefs (about yourself, the world and others) and any unhelpful assumptions you may have about the world.

Sometimes, we may get ourselves into a ‘vicious cycle’ of thinking and behaving which may be maintaining our problems. A good CBT therapist will draw this out with insightful and gentle questioning. Part of the exploration is also assessing what triggers cause low moods, whether there have been any childhood experiences which may underpin current thoughts and behaviours and most importantly, explore helpful strategies and treatment plans to help get life back on track.

The very first stage of this process, is an in-depth assessment of any psychological issues, such as anxiety, panic, low mood, depression and risk. The therapist will also identify historical critical incidents that may have contributed to current stress levels and make you more vulnerable to unhelpful behaviours that can sabotage any progress.

If you are interested in knowing more or accessing CBT as a really helpful strategy for gaining support and improving your mental health, the counselling directory is a good place to start looking for a local therapist.

Karen Harris
Karen is a fully qualified, BACP accredited cognitive behavioural therapist, with extensive experience dealing with mild-complex psychological issues. To contact Karen email