The Who, Why, What, When, and Where of Fitness Goals

By Laura Bendall, Online Fitness Trainer



So, who are you setting these fitness goals for?

The only answer to this question should be yourself. Never set goals to please anyone else.


Why are you setting these fitness goals?

There are so many different reasons and it solely is down to the individual. Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, be stronger, be fitter, do it for your mental health?

There are so many different factors that will help you to set your goals, but it helps to be clear before you start. It is your ‘why?’ that will keep you going if it gets tough.


What is going to keep you focused on reaching your fitness goals? Making incentives for yourself is a good way of keeping focused.

You could put a £1 in a jar for every 1lb you lose or gain or you could take photos to track your progress? The scales don’t show how many inches you lose or gain, so photos will help see how your body shape changes over time.


When are you going to start your fitness goal journey? I’m a firm believer in never putting anything off until Monday! Your fitness journey should start any day that you are ready, whether that be a Monday or a weekend. Why put off something you can start today? When you want your life to change, you want it to change now, don’t you?


Where are you going to start your fitness journey? Are you going to start at a gym, with a personal trainer, using online tools? The best way to decide is by finding out what works best for you and with your lifestyle.

If you are restricted with work, family life, childcare don’t let this put you off starting. You can train online in your own time, or with a personal trainer with a day and time that suits you. Most gyms are open early in the morning until late at night, so there is always a flexible option for you. But never start at a gym on your own unless you know the exercises and equipment.

Remember, your goals need to be realistic and achievable. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after and supplement your hard work by eating well. If you are trying to lose weight, there is no point putting your heart and soul into training, if you are going to undo it by eating over your calorie allowance. You can't out-run a bad diet!

And don’t forget that rest is crucial too. Rest is key to recovery and is good for resting your mind and body. Your mindset will be crucial to your success, so make sure you are sleeping enough each day and go out a 20-30 minute walk most days.

Ensure that you supplement your fitness goals by enjoying family time and doing what makes you happy.

It takes time, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But put your faith in the process.

You have got this; Go smash your fitness goals!



Laura Bendall

Laura is a qualified personal trainer and online fitness coach.

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