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Until the end of May we are offering the LifeBuddy Journal at a discounted price of £7, usually £9.

The LifeBuddy Journal is an A4 journal with over 40 pages full of great tools and tips to help you create a positive life and be confident about your future. The journal is a step by step guide to help you learn the skills to live and love your best life.  

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Resilience @ Work Scale Questionnaire and Coaching session.

The Resilience at Work (R@W) Scale is a scientifically researched measure of individual workplace resilience that measures the seven components that contribute to overall resilience. The R@W Scale questionnaire is a powerful development tool and is valuable for building resilience in individuals and teams via coaching and workshops. It really assists with sustainable performance and wellbeing. The questionnaire comes with a coaching session by a psychologist to help you interpret the information and develop a plan to build personal resilience.

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Building resilience

Our resilience, or capacity to bounce back and even thrive in pressured times, is critical in workplaces today. With higher workloads, declining resources, and frequent change, together with the hectic pace of personal lives, resilience is key to our survival and if we want to thrive, we need new strategies.

While strategies to build resilience have long been of interest in the arenas of parenting, education and disaster recovery, less focus has been placed on how these ideas can be translated into building resilient workplaces. But we now know that resilient people are more optimistic, adaptable and independent. Resilient teams have similar characteristics and find it easier to rebound from setbacks and adapt to change and pressure. Importantly, all these characteristics can be developed. Based on sound psychological theory,

Building Resilience at Work is a practical and easy-to-read book providing a proven path to self-help in developing personal resilience.

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