3 Questions to stop the sadness

3 Questions to stop the sadness

Are you on antidepressants but unsure why? Do you tend to be in a low mood, tired, angry, or just fed up and sad most of the time?

Tony Robbins has a great thought on this perspective, when he asks, ‘What is your favourite flavour of suffering’? Is it fear, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, overwhelm, feeling lonely, sad,…..try and describe it. Because if we can give it a name, we can try and find the cause. If we can find the cause, we can fix it.

Life is too short to be sad and negative, but so often, we are the creators of our own suffering.

Imagine holding a burning hot stone of resentment for someone who has annoyed or upset you. You are just waiting to throw that hot stone at them, just waiting for the right time. But who does that hot stone hurt whilst you hold it…only you.

And consider this: suffering usually causes more suffering. Like a snowball rolling downhill, suffering seems to have its very own momentum, but then think about this: so does happiness, smiling and gratitude!

It’s all a really simple matter of what we focus on and where we are choosing to put all of our energy. In the words of the Frozen Princess, ‘Let it Go’!

So just for today, ask yourself three questions to try and stop the suffering:

  • What am I really proud of?
  • What am I truly grateful for?
  • What can I choose to be excited about?

Focus on the answers to these key questions and your attention will be drawn towards the positive rather than the sadness.

Sally is the Founder of LifeBuddy. She is an Organisational Development consultant and is a Practitioner with the Association for Business Psychology.