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At LIFEBUDDY, we believe it really is possible to live a positive and fulfilled life, but that it takes a lot of skill, knowledge and practice to do so; it doesn’t just happen. A great life requires us to ensure we have balance across a range of life areas. Often, we excel in some areas, sometimes to the detriment of others. Our LifeBuddy Life Balance Quiz helps us figure out where we are in and out of balance. When you’re done, we hope that the LifeBuddy tools and guides can help you create better balance and lead you to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

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ON A SCALE OF 1 – 5 (5 being ‘I have it all sorted’, 3 being ‘Ok, I do pay attention sometimes but I’m not consistent in all areas’ and 1 being ‘It’s all rubbish’), rank these questions:


I have brilliant levels of energy. I work to strengthen my mind and body through great nutrition and regular, fun exercise that energises and emboldens me. I shop well, selecting organic and free-range produce where I can. I feel healthy. I am full of energy!


I have developed a ‘growth’ mindset (rather than a fixed mindset). This means that I am curious and see challenges as an opportunity to learn, adapt and grow. I learn from setbacks and use self-development tools to create new, positive, or helpful habits. I will adapt my routines to get better outcomes. I am working towards a positive and fulfilling life.


I am fully aware of my ‘mindset’. I enjoy the best emotional and mental health. I have learned how to overcome anxiety and fear. I challenge myself and I have built up my resilience. I know what is needed to improve my resilience and manage stress well. I have the confidence and courage to take advantage of opportunities to change my life for the better.


I know what I want from my professional / working life and am taking real steps to make that happen. I have a fulfilling career and enjoy my working environment and the colleagues I work with. I have built up a supportive network around me. I have attained a positive work life balance.


I understand that successful relationships can be the key to a happy life. I ensure my relationships are positive and fulfilling. I have learned how to become more connected with others and actively create great relationships. I have built a supportive network of resources around me and maintain contact with them.


I have actively improved my financial knowledge as I know this creates more choices for my best life. I have become financially literate and am working towards a better balance with my finances. I am creating new habits to build a stronger financial future. I feel comfortable about my financial future.

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