6 ways nature helps us be more connected

6 ways nature helps us be more connected
It’s been proven that being out amongst nature provides people with a sense of renewal which can help provide a focus on a different way of thinking and can help to lower anxiety. Nature seems to provide us with an escape from a busy urban environment and all the technological noise that surrounds us. It’s clear that being out in nature provides a way to let their minds recover.

Research suggests that it may be that it is not even necessary to be in nature to get the benefit, if we feel connected to it.  So, what can being out in nature actually do for us?
1. Relaxation
Research has found that nature induces relaxation and acted as a relief from stress and in some cases from pain. Nature was also described as being responsible for feelings of peace and calm. Some participants indicated that nature provided a sense of renewal, was re-grounding, and created feelings of fulfilment.

2. Time out
Being out in nature gives us permission for time out. This can provide a sense of being away from the everyday and offer an escape, providing a sense of freedom.

3. Enjoyment
Being out in nature, observing what’s happening and being distracted or mindful of the sights and the sounds can provide a sense of enjoyment, joy, happiness and contentment.

4. Connection
More than pure enjoyment, though, being in nature can offer a sense of being connected to something bigger and perhaps even more important. There’s often a secondary benefit of feeling really at peace when you are surrounded by rolling hills and swaying trees.

5. Sensory engagement
When out in nature, we can’t avoid the potential for feeling more spiritually aware. It stimulates the senses and breathing fresh air, experiencing the natural elements, such as sunshine and rain offers us the chance to be alone or with others and appreciate the world in a different way, that staying at home would never do.

6. Healthy
Being out in nature will always contribute to improved wellbeing and positive health. What a direct statement but it can’t fail to be. Because you will be walking in fresh air and if you have the opportunity to be in nature with others and enjoy and share the experience it will undoubtedly benefit our everyday lives, our mental health, overall wellbeing, and fitness.

So, what are you waiting for – get out and connected with nature and reap the benefits.
Sally is the Founder of LifeBuddy. She is an Organisational Development consultant and is a Practitioner with the Association for Business Psychology.