Is knowing your life path colour the key to having a better life?

Is knowing your life path colour the key to having a better life?


Searching for a better life? Have you had enough? Want more? But why is that possible for me? Why am I good enough to have the life I dreamt of once upon a time?

You can make that choice right now to change your thinking, to change your mindset, in a split second. It is easy for me to say this as that’s where I am right now. I have worked through stages and that’s where I am in my level of understanding of how the mind works.

If you had told me this two years ago, I would have laughed or probably felt angry about it, and thought what do they know about my hard life!

I have worked myself to the bone, been divorced, brought up 6 kids, lost businesses over family feuds and have been crippled with fibromyalgia.

But one day I woke up. I’d had enough! This wasn’t the life I’d dreamt of! So I decided to research for a better way to have a better life. I searched for my ‘WHY’, my purpose and understand why my life had been delivered to me this way. This was the first step to growth, to release and deciding I had a choice after all.

I have discovered many tools along this journey so far, but the first step is to start with you. Say yes to you and decide today that you understand there is a reason for your life.

One path of discovery (which is great fun) is understanding your life path number and colour.

You don’t have to be into woowoo to get this as it is scientifically proven.

Here is how you find your Life Path Number and Colour.

Add your date of birth up in single digits until you come to a single digit e.g. 10/3/1972 1+0+3+1+9+7+2=23 2+3=5

#1 is Red. A red life path is an action taker, dynamic, sporty or likes sport, fast paced, delivers message by taking action, grounded but can also be fiery. Excitement is essential.

#2 is Orange. Lots of fun, social, creative, gives birth to ideas, food is natural comfort so good career but also can be your vice.

#3 is Yellow. Confident, mathematicians, logical, computer types, sunshine colour but also understands Spock, shadow side low self esteem and inner child takes over.

#4 is Green. Carer, nurturer, likes balance, and order, all heart, but careful of giving more than you receive. Open up to receive.

#5 is Blue. Communicator, singer, message delivered through communication of some sort, beware of closing off the throat and dulling your shine, you have a voice so use it.

#6 is Indigo. intuitive, knows things before others, sixth sense. Includes blue and violet (7) spiritual and higher self beings beware of headaches.

#7 is Violet or White. Higher self, spiritual, intellect, sage, story tellers, but be aware over thinking and over imagining, get it out of your head.

#8 is Rose. Good listeners, coaches, mentors, loves to share message with the world, like privacy but also needs a fix of social events and fun, incorporates all the other colours, life is anything you want it to be, stop hiding.

#9 is Gold. Guru, teacher, spiritual beings, been here many times before. Shine your light, you have a huge bag of skills to offer the world to guide and help others discover themselves. Get out if you’re own way and shine your light.

This is just the tip of life path numbers and colours but it is fun, and starts you on a path of discovery.

Why not try it? Work it out for your partners, your kids, also anniversary dates in fact anything to do with a date!

Explore, empower yourself and start your growth transformation

So what do I do next?  Explore the shade of your colour and be the colour to empower you, to heal. It’s yours, use it, become it. Then start a journal....and that’s another story.

Oh and by the way, I’m now pain free, fibromyalgia free, running my life on my terms, with a clear vision, you can have it too.

Say Yes to You!

Kris Davies is a Transformational Life and Business Coach empowering women to empower themselves and enabling transformation with support. Kris always challenges women to say ‘Yes to You’!

Find out more about finding your Life Path Colour by contacting Kris Davies though her website.