What Did You Do Last Year To Make You Feel Proud?

By Sarah Taylor.

Looking for a new role in 2019? Here’s some tips from Sarah Taylor of Resource Harbour.

2019 is here and it is a very good time of year to reflect back on the past year. Looking back on the year can be energising and inspiring or disappointing depending on your year. But sometimes, we are so absorbed in the now, that we do not realise how far we have come on our journey. Sometimes we can only see the pitfalls and obstacles that occurred rather than the distance we have travelled. Even if most of our year was challenging, we still will have learned new ways to cope, gained resilience and new skills.

Get a pen, some paper and write down your ten biggest achievements of 2018. Achievements in your eyes, big or small, list any that have made you a “Better You” .

Here is how you do it. You have to tell the story of your achievement. Use the STAR method



The STAR model is a framework for answering questions like “Describe the most difficult / rewarding / interesting ……” or “Give me an example where you ……”

STAR stands for situation, task, action and result:-

1. Situation - Open with a brief description of the situation and the context of the story (who, what, where, when, how).

2. Task - Explain the task you had to complete highlighting any specific challenges or constraints (deadlines, costs, other issues).

3. Action -Describe the specific actions that you took to complete the task. These should highlight desirable traits without having to state them (initiative, intelligence, dedication, leadership, understanding, etc.)

4. Result - Close with the result of your efforts.

Include figures to quantify the result if possible. Maybe you have written a number of proposals and not landed the work, maybe you have been to interviews and not landed the job, but list the things that have made you (and not anyone else!) proud. You will have improved your performance and explored more and perhaps learnt what you do like and what you don’t, which is crucial to finding yourself in the right role.

Look at your LinkedIn profile and your CV and then update it with your 2018 achievements. Looking back at the year, the lessons and achievements will set you up in 2019, so get out your pen and paper once more and write your “Wish List”. What do I want to achieve? If you want flexibility in your working week, then register your details with Resource Harbour. We offer work on your terms. Perhaps we could find you a job buddy and you could offer yourselves to an organisation as a 100% solution to a role.

You might want to work in a different way in 2019, if you find a job buddy you could BOTH offer an organisation the full-time option and both work in a flexible and agile way. If you want to work in a new way in 2019, then check out the roles we have at www.resourceharbour.co.uk and send your details to us.

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