Flexibility: the key to wellbeing

​By Lucy Clementson-Mills.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term: 

Ayur’ means life 

‘Veda’ means wisdom

Ayurveda is a traditional healing system from India and helps us to understand our own unique physical and mental constitution.

Ayurveda teaches us that the body, mind and soul must be in balance in order to achieve optimal health.  

It encourages us to live in harmony with both our internal and external environment by understanding the wisdom of the natural law.

Ayurveda is also the sister science to Yoga and these two sciences of self-healing and self-realisation form part of the teachings of the Vedas.

From an Ayurvedic perspective we are now coming into the Pitta season - the warmer, sunnier season. But if you are Pitta dominant and have this same heat within you, you may find the warmer months leave you feeling irritable, overwhelmed and stressed. 

So how do you know if you are Pitta dominant? 

Well you may find you: 

  • Are very motivated but can be a workaholic

  • Have a healthy, robust appetite

  • Have excess heat in the body & can overheat during sleep 

  • Are competitive

  • Can be easily irritated 

  • Have a focused mind 

  • Can suffer with acne or rashes 

So, when it comes to a yoga practice to pacify Pitta and maintain balance, we want to encourage the opposite.  

Why not try a practice which encourages calmness, relaxation & steadies the mind? 

 Asanas such as Trikona AsanaVriksha Asana & Bala Asana to focus on your breath and connect to your body  

Or try cooling yoga (hot yoga not advisable) & pranayama (breathing exercise).  

Kaki pranayama and other cooling breathing practices can help if you’re feeling irritated or frustrated. 

Slowing it right down so awareness of the connection between the mind, body & spirit can be realised

Avoid yoga classes which may encourage competitiveness or comparison (think mirrors in the studio or levels in classes, such as “expert”)

Practice outside at the cool time of day / not in the sun or heat or practice by water

There are many more tips for pacifying Pitta but when you think about your yoga practice, consider what is best for you. In a world full of comparison & striving for the best, the next thing, more; a slower & more relaxed yoga practice could be just what you need this Summer.  

If you have any questions from this please do not hesitate to get in touch lucy@yogathree60.co.uk or visit my website for more information www.yogathree60.co.uk

Many thanks and I look forward to hopefully sharing all things Ayurveda with you soon. 

With loving kindness, Lucy


Lucy is a certified Yoga Teacher and founder of YogaThree60.