December book review

Live the Best Story of Your Life

by Bob Litwin


Change can be easy; change can be fast! 

Is your head often full of negative self talk?

Want to know how to change it into a more positive language?

Want to bring about real and lasting change in your life?

Well, whilst not many people may have heard of Bob Litwin, in his highly recommended book Live the best story of your life, he shares his secrets of success.

He believes firmly that change can be easy and change can be fast. Without us really knowing, we are all living to a story. One that we tell ourselves over and over again. It could be, I'm not clever enough; confident enough; lovable...’ but, Litwin claims that when we really think of it, most of us want a new story.  

We are all looking to shift the stories in our lives. But the question remains: How?

This book is the how. A result of thousands of hours of research from the best minds in the field of human potential, Live the Best Story of Your Life harnesses the power of your personal story and provides a guide to creating positive shifts in any area of your life.

Bob Litwin, a leading performance coach on Wall Street and a World Champion tennis player, provides 33 personalised coaching sessions throughout the book, that will help you reach new levels of success in every aspect of your life.

His brand of storytelling is a fast, effective way to lasting change. Live the Best Story of Your Life doesn't shift what we do, it shifts who we are. It will also show you how to:

Decide what your old stories are and learn to leave them in the past.

Discover the excitement and energy of your new story.

Access the 33 strategies followed by people who have successfully changed their life for the better.

Are you on the cusp of a brand new story? If you can feel change is in the air and if you want that change to be painless and almost instantaneous, Live the Best Story of Your Life is your private coach and your route to live the best story of your life. 

If you want to purchase the book then please click on the image below! 



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