LifeBuddy For Schools - The TeenBuddy Programme

We all want our young people to develop the confidence and the self-belief to live their very best life. But this requires the life skills and knowledge to grow optimism and positivity, overcome fear and anxiety, build confidence and resilience and to negotiate through the challenges of life.

LifeBuddy offers a bespoke programme of proactive life skills enabling young people (age 10 – 19) to live positive, fulfilled lives.

Through a programme of interactive face to face workshops, schools can select their preferred modules. Students are facilitated to grow their confidence in self belief, optimism and resilience. They are provided with challenge, advice, tools and tip sheets for making the rest of their life, the best of their life.

Programme content includes everything from building self-esteem, managing stress, developing resilience and creating a healthy lifestyles.

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‘The workshop was brilliant!’ Year 9 pupil, Resilience workshop

‘M REALLY enjoyed the workshop. He felt confident that he is able to use the advice given afterwards’’ Parent, Year 9 pupil, Resilience workshop

‘I have really enjoyed participating in the sessions and I feel that if the pupils have taken away a fraction of what I have then we are on to a winner! 
I really believe that teaching pupils and staff to approach life in this way is the only way that we will be able to 'cope' with the future’.  Jane Holland-Lloyd, Assistant Head, Fitzalan High School

‘Could have spent days on this material. I can apply this at home with my family and with colleagues so that I have more meaningful conversations’ Assistant Head teacher, Primary School

Very interesting research and really practical ideas on how to reap benefits on a daily basis - 5 stars!’ Teacher, Primary School

Thankyou! This training is a precious gift which I shall cherish and nurture’, Headteacher, Primary School  




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Do you believe as we do, that everyone deserves to live their very best life? Sadly, few of us have the full set of skills, knowledge and tools to life a fulfilled and positive life, and we all make mistakes and learn along the way.

Here at LifeBuddy, we are worried at the general increase in women turning to antidepressants and the significant increase in anxiety and mental health issues. But what if we could take a short-cut to a happier life?

What if we could access a variety of useful, helpful tools, information and ‘how to’ guides that will enable us to create a great life and make the rest of our life, the best of our life? Join us now and receive regular updates on the latest information for living our best life.